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  1. Responsible for picture shooting, video shooting, and post -production of corporate products 

       2. Effectively edit the various material text, pictures, videos, and sounds according to the editorial thinking, and complete the editing and stitching of the lens. 

      3. Cooperate with the network department for online brand promotion and promotion 

      4. Participate in the promotion of other publicity activities of the company and make later pictures and videos 

      5. Collect the company's pictures and image materials, and sort it regularly

      6. Coordinate and communicate the relevant links of each department during the shooting to ensure the quality of the film formation


  1. Participate in the discussion and designation of website strategies, responsible for brand graphic design; 

     2. Responsible for the design, material, printing and other work of the poster display frame; 

     3. Responsible for the creativity, design, production and other graphic processing capabilities of products, selling points and other graphic processing capabilities 

    4. Responsible for the design and production of the page or poster of the company's marketing planning activities; 

    5. Video shooting and production, such as product shooting, promotional video, conference shooting, event shooting, etc.


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