SW11X-B mechanical level down three roller plate bending roll is an easy to operate and intelligent metal rolling equipment. From the thin plate to the thick plate, from the end pre bending to the rolling circle, the whole process is completed at one time. In addition, it is very convenient to roll the conical cylinder.


  • The upper roll of the Mechanical Level Down Three-roller Bending Roll can lift and two bottom rollers can move horizontally separately or synchronously. Each bottom roller performs the functions of bottom roller and side roller in turn, that is two types non-symmetrical three-roller rolling plate machine.
  • Mechanical level down 3- roller bending machine can complete all the processes, from pre-bending to rolling of thin and thick sheet plate.
  • High accuracy, Upgraded version of SW11 Mechanical Symmetry Three-roller Bending Roll

Advantages and difference:

  • Upper roller and two bottom rollers can move horizontally separately or synchronously.
  • With Pre-bend & bus bar cone rolling functions simple rolling machine.
  • Convenient to roll taper work piece.
  • Can finish pre-bend and roll of thin and thick plate at the same time.
  • Enough strength and stiffness, High accuracy.

Mechanical Level Down Three-roller Bending Roll Components

  • Working roll: upper roll, lower roll with related accessories
  • Frame and related accessories
  • Machine base
  • Motor and Reducer
  • Unloading device
  • Electrical parts
  • Hydraulic system


  • SW11X-B Mechanical Level Down Three-roller Bending Roll is suitable to bend plate < 30x2500mm.
  • Applications: architecture industry, vehicle maintenance industry, machinery factories, and etc…

Main Device

Working rolls, base, main frame, side frame with related accessories.

The whole machine is compact, reliable and easy to maintain. The up and down movement of the upper roll and the horizontal movement of the upper roll are provided with digital display devices.

Therefore, the operation is convenient and the control is accurate.

Electrical device

Main and auxiliary motor, main and auxiliary reducer, other electrical components.
Schneider used as the main electrical original device. In strict accordance with international standards, the structure layout is reasonable, with necessary safety protection measures.

Electronic control device

Electric cabinet and console, PLC programmable controller, touch screen, displacement sensor.

The control appliances (including PLC) of this 3-roll plate bending machine are installed in the power distribution cabinet. With touch screen display, easy to operate.

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic pump station and corresponding hydraulic pipeline and seals, hydraulic valve, main oil cylinder.

The system of hydraulic pump station in strict accordance with international standards, with full consideration of high efficiency, energy saving and heat reduction.

The hydraulic system is independent. Professional sealant used for proper connection points. No leakage, easy maintenance.

ModalMax. plate thickness      (mm)Max. Pre-Bending thickness


Max. plate Width (mm)Roll speed (m/min)Min. diameter of Max. plate thickness (mm)Upper roller Diameter


Bottom roller diameter (mm)Main Motor power (KW)Weight (ton)Dimension                  L×W×H

Note: Plate yield limit 245Mpa is benchmark for design, the technical parameters for your reference, if product mend, parameter alter, we will not inform you in addition.

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