Press Brake Sheet Follower Front Support Device

Press brake sheet follower front support device is a semi-automatic tool that assists workers in turning up during the bending process. Shenchong servo bending follow-up can cooperate with the CNC press brake to quickly form a semi-automatic production unit. Save labor, fast and flexible, mass production.

  • It can be equipped with all brands and models of up moving CNC bending machines (servo electric hybrid press brake, electro-hydraulic press brake and torsion shaft press brake).
  • The main body is an independent structure. No need to modify the mechanical parts of the press brake. The base is a Foma wheel structure, which can be moved at any time.
  • Universal balls are installed on the support table. It is convenient to move and rotate the sheet metal plates, so it is convenient to bend the workpiece.
    The height of the support table can be fine-tuned up and down, convenient for installing dies of different heights.
  • Independent PLC electrical control system. The magnetic scale is used to feed back information to the computer. The computer controls the closed-loop servo motor to do the follow-up action.
  • The follow-up turning speed can be adjusted according to different plate thicknesses. No need to modify the control system. Standard bending works require no programming. Human-machine interface: programmable or manual operation.
  • There is no need to modify the bending machine. Only a displacement sensor needs to be installed in the slider of the machine to be connected to the incoming line interface of the press brake for use.
  • Avoid the risk of failure caused by modifying the press brake electrical box and taking the signal of the machine.
  • Avoid work accidents where the press brake drops the tooling and presses the operator’s hand due to the follow-up device interfering with the signal of the machine.

Advantages and differences:

  • Compatibility

The servo bending follow-up device is different from the ordinary supporting device in the market. It has no requirements for the press brake system and pressure spindle. The servo follower device has an independent control system, which can be moved and used with any bending equipment on the production site.

During the first installation, debug the parameters of the bending machine interface and follow-up.
Next time, when we connect again, only need to manually adjust the height of the device and the follow-up parameters of the current bending machine.
It is not necessary to purchase other press brakes equipped with follow-up mechanism in order to improve the process. So as to greatly reduce the input of factory production.

  • Extensibility

The size of servo bending press brake sheet follower front support device can be customized according to customer requirements, or personalized transformation can be made according to the processed workpiece.

Reduce the difficulty of the rotation direction of large-size workpieces and reduce the work intensity of workers.

Reduce the difficulty of loading and unloading large-size workpieces, and conveniently and stably complete the bending process of large plates.

  • Stability

The servo bending follow-up device adopts the single axis mechanical linkage mode.

On the one hand, simplify the control program, on the other hand, improve the mechanical stability.

At the same time, the simple operation and fool setting can let the operator get started quickly.

Servo bending sheet metal follower supporting device cooperates with press brake to quickly form semi-automatic production. While saving labor, it can produce in batches quickly and flexibly, and has good economic benefits.

Follow-up Device Standard Components:

  • Delta (Taiwan) touch screen, PLC
  • Schneider (France) AC contactor, thermal relay
  • Schneider (France) circuit breaker, button
  • Schneider (France) miniature relay
  • ELGO (Germany) magnetic scale (accuracy 0.005mm)
  • Delta (Taiwan) servo moto


All factories that need to reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.


Electric Control System

Independent PLC adopted. the magnetic grid ruler feeds back the information to the computer, and the computer controls the closed-loop servo motor.


Control Panel

Man-machine friendly interface, programmable or manual operation.

CNC Press Brake Control System


ESA S630

ESA S630 control system is the most powerful in S 600 series. With 10” touch screen with powerful graphic, all the performances of a high-level CNC is in an economical and user-friendly controller. ESA S630 High-level graphic programming for easiness of use and sophisticated algorithms can make the full use of your bending machines. It can directly manage any kind of servo valves with no need of external amplifiers and Manage up to four axes in any combination, including electrical press brakes and Tandem press brakes.


ESA S640

ESA S640 control system is compact with high performances. It has top-level performances for plate bending machines up to 6 axes. With 15” touch screen wide, it allows excellent comfort for the operator enhancing the advantages of a full graphic interface. Automatic bending sequence calculations and Material Data Base for predictive compensation are available (as options) to reduce the wastage of material. Crowning correction in degrees and dynamic crowning is available to grant the perfect bend linearity.


ESA 650 W

ESA 650W uses versatile Pc, gorgeous 15” 4:3 high-resolution touch screen with no limit in both performances and flexibility. The powerful built-in Pc allows having on the machine a real 3D cad cam (metallix, radan, esa). It has the function of finger-tip work piece design and direct import of tools shapes (.dxf files), and management of tool library. Angle measurement and correction with all existing devices is available.



VT19 is a 2D graphic programming bending machine CNC system. It can control not only ordinary CNC hydraulic press brake, but also high-end CNC press brake with more than 20 axes. It uses 19″ streamlined glass touch screen simple and friendly man-machine interface With efficient 2D graphics drawing, it can do fast and accurate 2D programming.

ModEva Pac

ModEva Pac

Modeva PAC can control electro-hydraulic CNC press brake machine or torsion bar NC hydraulic press brake machine. The number of control axes reaches 4 or 7. It adopt 15 “color LCD touch screen with intuitive touch screen interface. It is applicable to all kinds of CNC hydraulic press brakes.


Cybelec Touch 12 PS

Cyb Touch 12 PS is specially customized for electro-hydraulic CNC press brake machine. It Opens to users with simple and intuitive full touch screen programming. Cybelec Touch 12 control system has modern and efficient hand drawing part profile programming and fast solution provided by 2D graphic display and automatic bending sequence.



DA-69T is DA-Touch 3D modular press brake control system for state-of-the-art flexible solutions. The DA-69T offers 2D as well as 3D programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. This is full 3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations giving true feedback on the product feasibility and handling.



DA66T is for high-end press brake control solutions. The new generation DA-Touch controls offer an even higher grade of efficiency in programming, operation and control of press brakes. It uses combined with state-of-the-art technology go hand in hand to improve productivity. The touch screen gives access to the proven Delem user-interface and enables direct navigation between programming and production. Bending machine adjustment and test bends are reduced to a minimum with a quick and easy program-to-production work sequence.



DA-58T is a state-of-the-art complete 2D graphical control solution for synchronized press brakes.

It’s the easiest CNC programming based on the Delem graphical touch screen user interface including automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. It uses 15″ high resolution color TFT with industrial grade multi touch screen technology. Highly effective control algorithms optimize the machine cycle and minimize set-up time. DA-58T can provide a modern compact and versatile solution for powerful economic press brake applications.

Model Max Pushing Force(Kg*m) Length of  Table(mm) Width of  Table(mm) Heigh of Table(mm) Turing Angle Range(mm) Max Turing Speed(deg/s) Motor(kw) Carrying Weight(Kg)
DLSD05 50 500-750 500 800-1000 0-75° 110 1 50
DLSD10 100 1000-1500 600 950-1185 0-75° 85 1.5 100
DLSD20 200 1000-1500 600 950-1200 0-60° 40 3 200
DLSD100 1000 1500-2000 800 1100-1300 0-45° 6 15 1000
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