High Speed Plate Guillotine Shear is designed for customers who pursue high efficiency and large productivity.

QC11YK high-speed plate shearing machine is an updated version of QC11Y NC Plate Guillotine shear. The cutting speed is twice faster than the normal shearing machine, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

QC11YK High Speed Hydraulic Plate Guillotine Shear

During the process of high speed cutting, this machine frame has less deformation, which increases the shearing precision accordingly.

Advantages and differences:

  • Cutting linear accuracy: ±0.05mm.
  • Back gauge speed:100mm/s
  • Back gauge repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm
  • Back gauge optional positioning accuracy: ±0.08mm.
  • SHENCHONG revolution technology improve the shearing machine cutting speed: QC11YK with Shearing Speed (20-60 times/min) much faster than normal sheet metal shearing machine shearing speed (10-20 times/min).
  • Hydraulic High Speed Guillotine Shearing Machine reduces the edge of blade impaction and abrasion time by high speed cutting, which increase the blade working life accordingly.
  • Hydraulic cooling system ensures the long time working, which can work for 24 hours continuously.

High-speed Shearing Machine Components:

  • Rapid and precise blade clearance adjustment with a single handle on the side frame
  • Multi-edge blades for cutting aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel
  • Cutting-line illumination and wire for shadow-line cutting
  • Quick cutting-length adjustment
  • Hydraulic and electrical overload protection
  • Bed infill plates with ball transfers
  • Delta inverter with ball screw and polished rod with 0.01 mm accuracy
  • Backgauge adjustment according to blade gap,
  • Backgauge retraction feature
  • Squaring arm and front support arms, stroke counter


Factories normal cutting requirements

Cut Accurately

Plate Cut Efficiently

With the development of the metal forming industry, efficiency and productivity becomes the strong compatibility of all related metal forming factories.

How to process more products by using same time becomes an urgent demand of shearing machine final users. QC11YK High Speed Plate Guillotine Shear is a revolution to satisfy the speed request. QC11YK with Shearing Speed (20-60 times/min) much faster than normal sheet metal shearing machine shearing speed (10-20 times/min).

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system adopts the advanced hydraulic assembly valve units with compacting structure, which reduce the rate of connection by pipes and improve the system reliability and convenience of maintenance.

Working Table

Working Table

Working table is Y-type structure, which has self-compensation function, which greatly improves the working table intensity when it is cutting plate.

SHENCHONG Guillotine Shear has the rotation ball on the work piece supporter, which can reduce the scratching on the plate and the friction of transportation. The front support frame has mark scale, side positioning and front positioning, which is easy for front positioning cutting.

Oil Cylinder

Oil Cylinder

Oil cylinder: 45# steel material treatment, inner hole is treated by fine boring and pressing to make the inner surface with higher intensity.

Piston rod: 45# steel material treatment with nickel phosphorus plating, which makes it to be higher capability of wear resistant.

Hydraulic Shear Cooling Device

Hydraulic Shear Cooling Device

Cooling Device reduce the temperature of oil tank, ensure the sheet metal shearing machine can work continuously and stable under hot weather.

CNC Shear Machine Control System


DAC 360T

DAC-360T is for versatile shear control solution offering broad functionality. It provides a user-friendly and versatile touch control solution for shears. The back gauge control supports servo control, 2-speed AC control as well as inverter control. Full force control for clamping and cutting is available in the DAC-360T.



ELGO P40 is 1 or 2 axes position controller control system for sheet metal machines. It has one or two axis version by LCD display. It has the advantages of easy handling, multi-lingual menu navigation, option PID analog output available, reference run, and manual, single program mode.



ELGO P40T is touch screen positioning control programmable multi-axis control system.
Control system features: TFT- display with touch operation, manual function, single set operation, program memory, digital outputs up 2A, analog outputs, material depending gap, angle and pressure calculation, cut automat, metal plate support, sheet metal return.

Model Cutting Thickness (450Mpa) Cutting Length (mm) Throat Depth (mm) Back gauge Stroke (mm) Cutting Angle Stroke Frequency (Times/min) Main Motor (Kw) Gross Weight (ton) Overall Dimensions

L×W×H (mm)

6×3100 6 3100 80 600 0.5°-2.5° 20-60 15 7 3935x1840x1995
6×4000 6 4000 80 600 0.5°-2.5° 16-60 15 9 4650x1840x2100
8×2500 8 2500 80 600 0.5°-2.5° 20-60 15 6.5 3135x1850x2100
8×3100 8 3100 80 600 0.5°-2.5° 18-60 15 7.2 3850x1990x2050
8×4000 8 4000 80 600 0.5°-2.5° 15-60 15 9.7 4650x1890x2100
12×2500 12 2500 80 750 0.5°-3° 16-50 30 9.1 3195x2200x2210
12×3100 12 3100 80 750 0.5°-3° 14-50 30 10.3 3900x2200x2250
12×4000 12 4000 80 750 0.5°-3° 12-50 30 14.3 4710x2200x2400
16×2500 16 2500 80 750 0.5°-3° 14-40 37 9.8 3215x2200x2340
16×3100 16 3100 80 750 0.5°-3° 12-40 37 12.3 3915x2200x2450
16×4000 16 4000 80 750 0.5°-3° 10-40 37 16.8 4715x2200x2600
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