CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine is a V-type slotted device designed for metal sheets.

  • The CNC horizontal groove machine tool adopts high strength steel plate welding. And the welding stress is eliminated by heat treatment insulation tempering. High strength and good stability.
  • Machining work pieces are fed from the front end. Hydraulic clamping; hydraulic pressure plate. High degree of automation and easy to operate.
  • Independently adjustable working surface.
  • Servo-driven tool holder: large moving torque, fast speed of addition and subtraction, precise positioning and high efficiency.
  • The spindle adopts gear and rack drive: strong rigidity, small resistance, greatly improve energy efficiency and save energy.

Advantages and differences:

  • Suitable for plates less than 3 mm.
  • Low requirements for operators.
  • When v-grooving, the users don’t need to move the sheet metal. And it will not scratch the surface of the plate.
  • After grooving, the garbage is easy to clean up.
  • The price of horizontal V groove machine is lower than that of vertical type.
  • Horizontal v-grooving machine is a good choice for decoration manufacturers.
  • High stability, strong rigidity and also convenient in usage.
  • The CNC control system has several parameter to choose , big in storage and easy in operation.
  • CNC control system has 5 axis is AC servo motor drive, high in control precision.
    • X1 axis → control beam movement
    • X2 axis → double drive auxiliary beam movement
    • Y1 axis → control the left and right movement of the knife beam
    • Y2 axis → control the movement of the oil cylinder
    • Z axis → control the upper and lower movement of knife beam
  • Has 3-10 cutting structure, greatly improve the cutting working efficiency, and also can promote the cutting quality.
  • Use ball-screw and line guide, gear and rack transmission to enhance the machine durability and precision. The repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.01MM.

CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine Components

  • CNC system: Japan
  • Hydraulic system: Taiwan famous brand
  • Frequency converter: Mitsubishi
  • Servo motor: Mitsubishi
  • Seal ring: VALQUA, Japan
  • Motor: SEW
  • Air switch: Schneider
  • Contactor: Schneider
  • Breaker and button: Schneider
  • Relay: Schneider
  • Blades: KORLOY, Korea
  • Linear guide: HINWIN, Taiwan
  • Wire: IGUS, Germany


  • Use CNC V Grooving Machine to line and planer v-shaped groove on the position where the metal plate needs to be bent.
  • After grooving, you can use the general mold to bending the special closed shape material on the common bending machines.
  • The iron plate after grooving is easier to bend. And then, the quality and shape of press brake bending will be better.
  • Horizontal groove machine is suitable for slotting large sheet metal with high requirements.
CNC Horizontal V Grooving Machine Hydraulic Clamping System

Hydraulic Clamping System

Shenchong RGEK V-grooving machine processing parts using the hydraulic clamping to fixed, flexible clamping and unloading device.

Hydraulic clamping system is fixed, the use of flexible clamping and unloading device: high-precision guidance system, position measurement system and hydraulic balance function, as far as possible to meet the needs of the processing board without scratches.

Hydraulic compression, Reliable compression, hydraulic system additional accumulator compensation, motor gap work, save energy, control oil temperature.

Sheet Metal V Grooving Knife

Grooving Knife

V-grooving machine using 4 knife processing “V” slot, so the cutting amount is uniform distribution, reducing the deformation of the work piece.

And optional micro-cooling system to extend the life of the tool, reduce production costs.

CNC Grooving Machine Knife Holder

Knife Holder

The Knife holder of the RGEK V-grooving machine is retains the SFSR quiet ball screw and the QR roller reloading linear guide, so the accuracy is high.

V Grooving Machine Beam


The beam of the RGEK V-grooving machine is using the Tin bronze helical gears.

45 steel forgings quenched and arranged helical gears and QH silent rail drive, moving speed adjustable frequency, cutting process is smooth and efficient.

V Grooving Machine CNC Control

CNC Control

Embedded CNC device using , real-time WINDOWS operating platform, the maximum guarantee operation of the device stability, support instant shutdown.

No Technical data 3200 4000 5000 6000 Unit
1 The width of grooving 1250/1500 1250/1500 1250/1500 1250/1500 mm
2 The length of length 3200 4000 5000 6000 mm
3 The thickness of grooving(Stainless steel) 4 4 4 4 mm
4 The Min thickness of plate 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 mm
5 Min side distance   8 8 8 8 mm
6 X axis working speed  70 70 70 70 m/min
7 X axis return speed   80 80 80 80 m/min
8 Y1 axis max distance  1250/1500 1250/1500 1250/1500 1250/1500 mm
9 Y1 axis move speed  20 20 20 20 m/min
10 Y1 axis resolution  0.001 0.001 0.001 0.001 mm
11 Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01 mm
12 Z axis resolution 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.001 mm
13 Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01 ±0.01 mm
14 Motor power(X axis) 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 KW
Motor power(Y1.Y2.Z axis) 1 1 1 1 KW
15 Machine size(length) 5430 6230 7230 8230 mm
Machine width 2230/2480 2230/2480 2230/2480 2230/2480 mm
Machine hight 1560 1560 1560 1560 mm
16 Machine weight 7500/8000 8000/8600 9000/9800 10000/11000 KGS


X axis→Control working motor

Y axis→Control plate movement

Z axis→Control knife frame movement

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