Plate Shearing Machine

The main function of plate shears is in the metal processing industry. Most of the high-precision straight-line cutting of sheet metal uses CNC hydraulic shearing machine.
The products are widely used in light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, aviation, shipping, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries. Use ShenChong CNC shear machine for sale to enjoy unique metal cutting experience!

As an original shear machine manufacturer, we give back the best price to our customers. Factory direct sales, no middlemen to earn the difference.
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Excellent sheet metal cutting quality, super cutting accuracy and convenient and quick operation are the biggest characteristics of the CNC hydraulic guillotine shear machine for sale.
If you buy a manual shear machine or swing beam shear machine, the accuracy of shearing and the quality of cut surface will be greatly reduced.
If you buy a second-hand/used shearing machine, you will often have problems in production, and the service life of second-hand machines is short.
SHENCHONG CNC hydraulic guillotine plate shear machine for sale provides high strength, productivity, precision, and safety.

Shenchong as one of the top 3 shear machine brands from China with full experience in exporting and excellent global market reputation. Shenchong plate shearing machine for sale has ISO9001, CE and all other certifications as quality trust endorsement.
As leading company in guillotine shear industry, Shenchong keeps innovating in NC/CNC sheet metal hydraulic guillotine shears details to improve cutting precision and linear. Has always been imitated, but never been surpassed.
Direct factory price and experienced over-sea after sales team not only provides best price but also eliminate customers’ concerns about any shearing machine problems.

Browse NC/CNC hydraulic shear machine for sale now at! Whether it is high-speed or high-precision, can be customized according to your requirements.
Give us your plate size, material, workpiece drawings, special requirements and other detailed information, we will choose the best shearing machine model for you and send you quotation.
ShenChong sell different types of hydraulic shearing machines, feel free to choose and buy! Welcome to send an email to [email protected] or send a message to Whatsapp: +86-15951565113