Accessories for sale from the original manufacturer will be more suitable for your equipment. If you have bought the SHENCHONG press brake and shear machine before and now want to buy accessories, we are the best choice! We have great discounts for regular customers.

The original manufacturer knows more about CNC machine tools so as to better assemble the suitable accessories and give the best deal for you. Users always prefer to choose the original manufacturers of the machine to purchase accessories.
When you buy press brake and shearing machine at ShenChong, we will offer standard press brake dies and guillotine shear steel cutting blades at a low price. If you have special requirements, we also have customized die and blade for sale.

给我们您的工件图纸和加工要求,深冲专业的工程师团队将为您设计最佳方案并选择最佳工具。欢迎与我们联系!电子邮件至[email protected]或致电Whatsapp:+ 86-15951565113告诉我们您的板材尺寸,机床品牌和型号以及加工要求,我们将以合理的价格为您提供最好的配件!