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The press brake daylight is also called opening height. It is an important parameter of the press brake.

Usually, when we choose a press brake, we mainly consider the tonnage of the press brake and the length of the workbench.

Some customers do not pay much attention to the daylight of the pres brake.

In fact, the press brake daylight is a really very important parameter. It can be said that after considering the tonnage and length of the workbench.

It is necessary to pay attention to the press brake daylight. So what is the press brake daylight?

1. Press Brake Daylight Definition and Importance


Usually, we define the press brake daylight as follows.

We call the distance from the upper beam of the press brake to the working table of the press brake as press brake daylight.

So why do we say that the press brake daylight is a very important parameter?

Because the daylight of the press brake has a very important relationship with the press brake stroke and the tooling.

So what is their relationship?

2. Relationship between press brake stroke and tooling

As shown in Figure 1 below, we can clearly see the maximum stroke of the press brake, the INT height of the quick change clamp, the upper punch and lower die are all related to the press brake daylight.


(Figure 1)

  • Press brake maximum stroke: the maximum opening distance between the upper punch and lower die! Usually called: closed tooling height!
  • INT height of quick change clamp: after the quick change clamp is installed on the ram, the height beyond the ram。
  • Upper punch height: the height of the top punch after deducting the height of upper punch that installed in the quick change clamp。
  • Lower die height: lower die height, including expansion die support, die pad, etc.
  • Lower die notch depth: the lower die notch depth is half of the notch length。

The opening height of the press brake = the maximum stroke of the press brake + the height of the quick clamp INT+ the height of the upper punch and lower die of the press brake – the lower die notch depth

Novice customers often ignore the daylight when purchasing a press brake.

What are the consequences of this?

3. Useful Tips for Novice

Under normal circumstances, when designing the standard value of the press brake daylight, the press brake manufacturer will design a parameter that can meet the vast majority of customer work pieces.

However, some customers’ work pieces are special. For example, the customer’s work piece is a U-shaped profile with a relatively deep depth. This work piece itself requires a relatively long upper punch to fold, and a sufficient distance is required to remove it.

Standard distance press brake daylight may not necessarily meet customer needs. If the customer does not consider this parameter at all, it is likely to cause the machine to be bought back.

There is no problem with the tonnage and length, but the opening height is not enough to make this work piece.

The importance of the press brake daylight is not only reflected before purchasing the machine, but also after we have purchased the machine.

In the future, if the customer needs to have a new special work piece to be bent, and this special work piece needs to be replaced the tooling, we need to consider whether there is enough space to replace the tooling. This again has to take into account the daylight of press brake.

Let’s take an example.

4. Case Analysis

As shown in the figure 2 below:


( figure 2)

The maximum stroke of the press brake is 160mm. Quick clip INT height is 120mm. The height of the upper punch beyond the ram is 70mm. The total height of the lower die is 101mm. The depth of the lower die notch is 4mm.

So what is the press brake daylight?

The press brake daylight=160+120+70+101-4=447mm

So the press brake daylight is 447mm.

Then when we need to make a special work piece, the height of the upper punch that needs to be replaced is 170mm, can this machine satisfy it?

The press brake stroke=447-120-170-101+4=60.

There is still 60mm of press brake stroke left, so this work piece can be made.

If the height of the upper punch that needs to be replaced needs to be 300mm, can this machine meet it?

The press brake stroke=447-120-300-101+4=-70

The press brake is not enough to do this work piece.

The press brake daylight is an important factor that customers need to consider when choosing a machine. Wuxi Shenchong is committed to providing customers with a good purchase experience. If you have any questions about the bending machine, please feel free to contact us.

Shenchong is a professional CNC sheet metal machine manufacturer for press brake and shear machine.

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