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Through extensive independent research and design, innovating upon common hydraulic guillotine shear machines, Wuxi Shenchong has produced CNC high-speed plate shears which will help streamline the workflow of any sheet metal cutting business.

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Plate Shears High Speed

The primary advantage of high-speed hydraulic plate shears is, of course, being able to cut metal at a much faster speed. This machine, in particular, delivers highly performant cutting at up to two times that of common plate shearing machines.

Moreover, the machine can provide high-speed shearing for sheet thicknesses from 6 to 16mm, and up to a maximum length of 4000mm.

Due to the shearing angle of 3°, the high-speed series machine can reach up to ten cuts per minute when cutting the maximum length of 4000mm. While reaching up to 60 shears per minute during segmental shearing. This is compared to normal sheet metal shearing machines which operate at speeds between 10 and 20 cuts per minute.

Needless to say, this incredible speed can contribute to a time-efficient workflow which helps even small companies deliver higher demand.

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Quality and Performance

While the machine cuts at high speeds it would be easy to assume that some quality was sacrificed—however this is not the case. This machine retains, and even surpasses, the performance of comparative, slower, metal plate shearing machines.

Thanks to the high-quality components the shearing quality is exceptional with less shearing burr than average machines.

The shear stress similarly remains small, effectively reducing the chance of shear plate deformation during the cutting process.

Moreover, the high-speed shear machine is equipped with an effective temperature control device and cooling system. This system allows the machine to work continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This final addition of incredible cooling means that not only does the machine complete individual tasks faster than many competing machines, but it manages to do so day-in day-out. Allowing for maximum efficiency.


When cutting material, precision obviously trumps speed. But who said you cannot have both?

High-speed series shearing machine is hydraulic guillotine type, not swing-beam shears. This machine provides a linear cutting accuracy margin of ±0.05mm. Such accuracy in maintained by Wuxi Shenchong’s system keeping instantaneous deformation of the fuselage to a minimum, even when operating at top speeds. Allowing for fast-cutting and high degrees of accuracy in one package.

High Durability

High-speed mechanisms can often wear down components faster. However, thanks to expert design and components and reducing metal-cutter contact time, this machine’s blades see reduced wear when compared to more standard machines.

As such, the service life of each blade is increased, resulting in more cut-sheets per blade, reducing costs which occur down the line.

By investing in high-speed machinery, companies can meet higher demand quotas, providing a solid foundation for larger profit margins and business expansion. For this, Wuxi Shenchong’s high-speed plate shearing machines are ideal candidates, thanks to their precision engineering and overall high quality and performance.

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