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The major manufacturers of CNC press brake machine are China, the United States, Canada, Turkey, Germany, UK, NZ, Japan, Portugal, India, etc…

In recent years, China has gradually developed into a world-leading cutting and bending machine processing and exporting country, and the sheet metal industry has entered the forefront of the world.

China’s CNC press brake industry has advanced technology, efficient production capacity, and ultra-high cost performance advantages, and is highly sought after by people abroad.

Different CNC Press Beake Machines Worldwide

1. Adira VS. Amada CNC press brake Machine

1.1 Adira

Adira is a 50-year old national brand of Portugal, which is sold well all over the world.


Adira CNC press brake machine

– Stable machine frame structure

– Long CNC press brake machine working life

– High precision and high efficiency

– Loved by users

1.2 Amada

Japanese Amada is a dark horse in the CNC press brake industry. Their products are special.


Amada CNC press brake machine

At first, the CNC press brake of amada in Japan was a lower-moving structure with the update of technology and the rise of the world trend.

But, Amada has changed to an upper-moving structure. So only the used CNC press brake machine has a lower-moving structure now on the market.

Although the structure and configuration of Amanda’s CNC press brake are different from the European design, it is very popular in Europe and North America.

2. TRUMPF’s advantages and disadvantages

TRUMPF is a German high-tech machinery company.

Product Analysis:

Trumpf design the CNC press brake machine with advanced configuration, super high precision, and very durable. But the cost performance is not high.

How expensive the labor cost in Europe and the United States ! The working time is short and the efficiency is not high.

CNC press brake machine jobs salary is very high. So the bending machine series designed by TRUMPF focuses on automated production to save labor cost.

TRUMPF Automated Production Machinery

Use robots for production, equipped with a mold library that can automatically change molds, making production more efficient and safe, and truly unmanned production and management.


TRUMPF 7036 CNC press brake

The trumpf 7036 CNC press brake machine is a classic small bending work unit. The operator can sit or remotely control the machine. You can even use a robot to operate the CNC press brake. Wuxi Shenchong also has this mini CNC press brake unit in s.c.

3. The global position of Turkish CNC press brake & China’s rising up

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CNC Press Brake Machine Global Market

3.1 United States

The United States also has its brand of bending machine, CINCINNATI, which is generally used as a hydraulic torsion shaft bending machine.

The advantages of CINCINNATI’s machine are sturdiness, the wallboard and the workbench are very thick, to resist the torsion when bending.

3.2 Turkey

Turkey is a big country in the bending machine industry, and well-known brands include LVD, Durma, Ermaksan, MVD.


Turkish CNC press brake machine

Turkey’s CNC press brake machine is the most cost-effective, economical, and practical in Europe and the United States, and they do OEM for many original brands.

3.3 China

At present, Turkey’s biggest competitor is China’s. Because China’s CNC press brake machine has various styles, technological innovation, short delivery time, long service life and low failure rate. China has a complete supply chain system. So the price is more favorable.

Now more and more customers can directly contact Chinese factories through the Internet to find the required machines and quotations. Made in China is also constantly innovating technology and is committed to making better and more cost-effective equipment. The attention of global sellers has also shifted from Turkey to China.


CNC press brake machine for sale in other regions

Although the underdeveloped regions in South Africa and India also have their bending machines, but the technology is too backward. At the same time, CNC press brake machine price in India is lower. CNC press brake machine manufacturers in India mainly offer manual mechanical press brake, NC hydraulic torsion bar press brake and used CNC press brake machine.

Most CNC press brake machine parts, steel, etc. are purely dependent on imports. So the cost is high, and they are not durable. They cannot process high-quality workpieces. Most of these areas buy cheap torsion-bar press brake or used CNC press brake for sale.

50ton, 100ton to 300ton are the best-selling models. The thickness of most of the workpiece is range in 2-10mm. Large models need to be customized. Like the tandem CNC press brake that makes the light pole line, or the customized CNC press brake machine over 1000Ton.

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