This large 3-Roller Plate Bending Roll is specially used for shipbuilding, used for bending the arc of the hull. Optional NC control or full-automatic CNC computer control.

3-Roller Symmetry Bending Roll For Shipbuilding

  • Hydraulic transmission
  • Multiple sets of support rollers improve the rigidity of the bottom rollers
  • The metal bending machine is applied for making wide arc type work piece.
  • NC control and CNC control are optional.

3-Roller Level Down Bending Roll For Shipbuilding

  • Pr-bending function, higher working accuracy
  • The upper roll of the level-down shipbuilding plate rolling machine rises and falls vertically, and the lower roll moves horizontally.
  • The upper and lower rollers are equipped with crossbeams and supporting rollers, without tilting bearing bodies
  • Each of the two lower rollers is equipped with an independent driving device.
  • It can roll the arc or cone-shaped workpiece with the center angle less than 180 degrees, and the remaining straight edge is small.

Advantages and difference:

Advanced design and compact structure; High strength, easy and stable operation; Reliable quality and reasonable price.

    • All steel welding structure, the equipment rigidity is strong, and the computer finite-element calculation analysis method is used to optimize the design calculation.
    • Two ends of the two axle roller are all adjustable ball bearings.
    • Axle rolls are refined by forging and quenching and tempering of medium carbon steel.
    • The two lower roll of the rolling mill has a supporting roll, which improves the precision of the roll making work and the whole machine performance.
    • Electric centralized control is adopted, and the operation is simple and convenient.
    • The console adopts the design of human nature, and the operation is convenient and convenient.
    • Centralized lubrication system.


Designed for the shipbuilding industry

shipbuilding rolling machine front feeding device

Front Feeding Device

Upper roll, lower roll, main frame, side frame, bearing

The upper roll of this rolling machine is driven roll, which rotates depending on the friction between the working roll surface and the steel plate.

Its up and down movement is driven by two end top hydraulic cylinder.

ModelMax. plate thickness (mm)Max. plate width (mm)   Plate yield limit (mm)     Upper roller diameter (mm)Bottom roller diameter (mm)Two bottom rollers center space


Rolling speed (Kw)Motor power (Kw)Hydraulic Motor power



Note: Plate yield limit 245Mpa is benchmark for design, the technical parameters for your reference, if product mend, parameter alter, we will not inform you in addition.

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