3 Roller plate bending roll has the most common design in the plate rolling machine market, with a fixed top roll and two side rolls swing up for sheet metal pre-bending and rolling.

Plate Bending Roll is available in five types:

  • SW11 Mechanical Symmetry Three-roller Bending Roll
  • SW11X-B Mechanical Level Down Three-roller Bending Roll
  • Asymmetry 3- Roller Bending Roll
  • SW11SNC Upper Roller Universal Three-roller Bending Roll
  • 3-Roller Symmetry Bending Roll for Shipbuilding

Advantages and difference:

  • Costing less than a four roll bending machine
  • The ideal choice for limited production cost.
  • Bend roll sheet metal from 6mm to 100mm thickness

Bending Process

Feeding     Operation roller lift, make the bus line and lower roller lower the bus distance is slightly larger than plate thickness, then the horizontal input steel plate, make the end of the steel plate and the work roller side of the baffle all line contact for the positive.
Pre-bending one side    Moving roller, make the rolled distance B according to the need to determine, according to the work piece curvature roll down on manipulation, manipulation of point of roller rotation of bending of sheet metal ends, on the roller and the lower left roller clamping plate length is 1.5 ~ 2.5 times of thickness; The pressure of oil cylinder is different from plate thickness to 5 ~ 20mpa.
Pre-bending another side Change the roll position and pre-bend the other end.
Final bending The final bend can be divided into several times, generally for 4 ~ 5 times, the roll-down of the roller is in the middle of the plate, and the roll rotation is manipulated to make the rotation direction and the plate feed in the same direction.


  • Three-roller plate rolling machine is equipment for rolling metal plates into arc-shaped or circular cylinder shaped workpieces, and can roll cone-shaped work pieces within a certain range with the aid of auxiliary equipment.
  • Its rolled products are widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, hydropower and machinery manufacturing industries.
  • 3 Roller Three roll plate bending roll machine is suitable to bend steel or metal roll from 6mm to 100mm thickness.

Overall base

Welded by section steel and steel plate as a whole, tempered and processed by the whole machine.

The middle is wide and high, with good strength and rigidity. It is easy to install and use, especially to meet the production requirements of strong fluidity.

The requirement of foundation is low and the relocation is convenient.

Because of the use of the support roller and the bed with excellent rigidity, the rigidity of the lower roller is very good. It is not necessary to make up for the deficiency of the rigidity of the lower roller through adjustment, which is beneficial to the operation of workers.

At the same time, the frame, reducer, motor, etc. are installed on it to form a whole.

Working roll

It is the most important part of the plate rolling machine.
Both ends of the lower roll and the support roll are equipped with self-lubricating sliding bearings, which have the characteristics of large bearing capacity and convenient maintenance.


Divided into overturned side frame and fixed side frame. All of them are welded steel plate structures, tempered and finished.

Supporting roller device

Used for supporting the middle part of the lower roller, improving the rigidity of the lower roller and the forming accuracy of the workpiece.

Cone guard device

optional according to the customer’s requirements
Used to block the cone plate when rolling the cone tube, so that it can be rolled into the cone tube smoothly.


Main reducer and auxiliary reducer.

Hydraulic system

The independent hydraulic pump station is composed of oil pump motor, hydraulic valve group, pipeline auxiliary parts, etc.
The hydraulic pump station system is in strict accordance with the standard and the operation, and the layout is reasonable. Fully consider high efficiency, energy saving, waste reduction and heat generation. The system is independent, and professional sealant is used for proper connection point. No leakage and easy maintenance.
Use famous brand series oil cylinder, hydraulic pump and valve.
The pipeline layout is simple, with less leakage and convenient maintenance and debugging.

Unloading device

Installed on one side of the reducer to balance the upper roller during unloading.

Turning device

Installed on one side of the turnover frame, used for the overturning and recovery, controlled by the oil cylinder.

Electronic control system

The electric control system consists of electric control cabinet, operation console, hand-held control box, etc.
Schneider products are used as main devices. It is made in strict accordance with the standard. The structure layout is reasonable, with necessary safety protection measures.

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